Body Art

Micro tattoos are so flexible when it comes to their placement. You can hide smaller tattoos if you are not comfortable flaunting your ink or you could have them on more open and visible places on your body. It comes down to how you want to portray your tattoos and with tiny tattoos you are given much more control in comparison to medium-sized pieces and sleeves.

Body art flower image
Sun body art image
Name tattoo image
Tiny hand tattoo image
Tiny finger tattoo

10 Reasons to get a Tiny Tattoo!

They're discreet

They are a great introduction to body art

They cause less discomfort

They often look elegant and delicate

They can be collectible

They are easier to remove

They are adaptable

They age gracefully

They are budget-friendly

They just look amazing!

Proceed with caution areas

Top & Bottom Feet

A request we often hear is to get tattooed on the feet, but this can be a tricky area for smaller tattoos. The main reason is because of how often we move our feet on a daily basis. If you check the bottom and sides of your feet you will notice that the skin is rougher than your upper arms, forearm, back, shoulders etc. The constant movement combined with the resulting quality and texture of your feet leads to tattoos fading a lot quicker than they would on other parts of your body. 


Fingers & Hands

We run into the same issue with finger and hand tattoos that we do with feet tattoos. Even though we have done some beautiful finger/hand designs, smaller pieces carried out on the fingers and hands are more prone to fading, again, because of the constant movement.  Whether it is writing, typing or working jobs that involve manual handling, your hands are constantly in motion, washed frequently and exposed to chemicals and various exfoliants causing your tattoo to fade quicker over time. Additionally, with finger tattoos, we find that getting intricate detail into pieces is much more difficult as well!