Semi Permanent Make Up


Semi-Permanent Make Up at Brows Ink. allows you to have perfect eyes, lips and brows for up to three years. Also known as ‘cosmetic tattooing’, these treatments are perfect for anyone who:


  • Does not have the time or inclination to refresh their make up 

  • Loves to look good as soon as they wake up 

  • Regularly swims, goes to the gym or does sports 

  • Is allergic to or sensitive to traditional make up 

  • Has a visual impairment or dexterity issue which prevents them applying their own make up 

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What is SPMU

Semi-permanent Make-up (SPMU), also referred to as 'tattooed' make-up, is a process similar to getting a regular body art tattoo.


The treatment is called SPMU because the pigment (ink) will remain in the skin for an indefinite period of time, but the longevity of the colour and its visibility will eventually fade over a period of 1-5 years, depending on the treated area of the face.

Why is this different to standard tattoo ink?

The main difference between conventional tattoo ink and pigments used for SPMU is that tattoo ink is formulated differently and penetrates the skin much deeper than make-up pigments. Another key difference is that the SPMU needle only enters the first layer of skin and is very superficial in that regard, normal tattooing is more invasive.

Get the look you desire!

We are experienced in creating perfect eyebrows, lash liners and lips by carefully tattooing colour pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Other semi-permanent facial treatments include beauty spots and freckles! 

All pigment will begin to fade as the skin exfoliates, we therefore recommend a colour boost at least once every 12 months or so. Helping to maintain freshness, this treatment will ensure you get the most out of the initial procedure, whilst also providing you with handy maintenance tips help you achieve maximum colour retention. 


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Microshading is a powdered / make-up effect from the bulb of the brow right through the arch and down to the tail creating ultimate definition. This is the boldest of all the brow looks we offer and no doubt the most popular too!

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Combination brows

Combination Brows are very unique (and slightly more expensive) as they combine both Microblading and Microshading, as the name suggests. The combination method is a premium treatment as it utilises the precision that is achievable through Microblading (ultra-fine hair-like strokes at the bulb if the brow) and the definition that comes with Microshading which is blended into the Microblading from the arch through to the tail of the brow.

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Semi Permanent Brows

Semi-permanent Brows are usually preferred by clients who already have fuller brows. They also yield very good results on oily t-zones and are suitable for darker skin tones, unlike Microblading, for example. During the healing process the brows are quite intense and dark, at the end of the 2 weeks you will experience fading, leaving your natural brows behind.
This treatment can last between 1-3 years and a small annual Colour Boost may be required.

Lash Enhancement

Lash Enhancement

Semi-permanent Lash Enhancement is used to define your eyes giving your face an instant lift and depth of expression. If you are a daily eyeliner user and you want to save time, or you are not able to apply it as precisely as you would like then this may be the solution for you.


This is a very popular treatment option as it defines lashes and makes them look darker and fuller. It is a very subtle look and ideal for daily use. It is a lot thinner than traditional eyeliner as the procedure is done by adding the pigment between your eyelashes to darken your natural lash line.


This treatment can last between 1-3 years and a small annual Colour Boost may be required. 


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Lip Liner

Semi-permanent Lip Liner is designed to define the lips making them appear fuller by outlining the border and correcting any unevenness.

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Lip Liner & Blush

The Lip Blush treatment includes the Liner application and the whole lip is also shaded with the same colour leaving a beautiful, powdered base tone to enjoy every day, whilst being completely lipstick free!

What you need to know

In terms of colour options, some clients choose nude or soft pink tones as they like the 'natural' look whilst still having the option to apply a darker make-up on top. A top tip is that a slightly darker tone may be more beneficial as they will gradually fade leaving you with the colour you originally wanted.


There are many colour options you can choose from, the lighter the colour you choose the sooner you may require a Colour Boost - approximately every 6 months or so. This treatment can last between 1-3 years and a small annual Colour Boost may be required.